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Twitter is pretty cool isn’t it? It has like people chatting and ranting on about all sorts of stuff. But if you’re dealing with real people (not those pesky bots) you’ll end up reading some interesting tweets now and then. This is certainly so when it comes to the links tweeps (as they are called on the twitterverse) are spamming in their streams. Like that you run into some awesome new music, like the latest album by Vex’d or some free downloads. Geek stuff like a developer test version of IE9,  a JavaScript adaptation of the .NET LINQ query language called JSINQ and a web-based version of a Processing parser which I talked about before. You can also track the sun through a pinhole camera and make your own or some plain funny stuff. Who needs websites and RSS readers these days if you have a bunch of followers tweeting or retweeting the interesting bits for you? Twitter is niiiiiiiiiice.

Photo by Dario Sanches, cc-licensed

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