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dubstep: zombfree release + kid-a mix

A short post to feed you all some more free dubstep. I’m sure you won’t mind.

First up there’s another free Zombfree release from the Ninja Columbo label containing 4 320kbps mp3 tunes. This time no breakcore or drum’n’bass, but dubstep from Septic Insurgent. One soothing atmospheric intro track, 2 downright dubstep tunes and a more or less acid-techno kind of stomper with a dubstep ending. Really, it’s quite different. Might be cool to light up the old dubstep sets. You can get it straight from here if you don’t want to log on to the bloody Facebook page where I found it as it’s not up on the regular site

Dubstep sets like this one from DJ Kid-A. Not that his sets needs lighting up or anything, the tune selection and mixing is quite sweet I might say. No track list for this one, but it’s filled to the rim with chilled classics and anthems. It’s called WobbleDuckDodge, but don’t let that scare you. It’s great for chilling with fine beats.

Photo by George Morgan, cc-licensed.

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