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file sharing run-down: which ones to pick and why?

There’s plenty of ways to share files nowadays, but which one to choose? Here’s a little run-down of the file sharing services I’ve been using and for what means!

  1. You want to share a bunch of smaller files without clicking your ass off while uploading them. I’m thinking a ton of mp3’s, your completely holiday picture album or a collection of eBooks? is excellent of this purpose. It allows you to upload files up to 25 MB with a handy multi-file interface and gives you a number of options to share the files publicly or privately. Great for collaborating online as you can share between users.
  2. You need to share big files? Mediafire works for files up to 100MB. They only stay there for about 6 months unless you pay extra. You can also go for other similar services like zShare etc but Mediafire doesn’t try shoving a truckload of ads in your face and doesn’t let you wait a minute before giving you the download link. Nice!
  3. When it comes to synchronising any type of files is the king in my book. It gives you 2 GB of free space to play with to synchronise files and folders between several computers in a carefree and effective way (read: it’s fast!).  For automatic syncing you need to install the Dropbox software, but you can also access the files directly from the website which makes it super-handy if you just need that one important files when you’re on the go and don’t want to install anything. It also allows sharing files and folders using links so that comes in handy as well for collaborative projects again.
  4. Finally there’s Google docs for all those office documents of course. Sharing, collaborating, you know, the works. It pwnz.

Do you know a kick-ass file-sharing tool that’s missing from this list? Well, that’s what the comments are for!

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