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Breakcore. It's like dropping your panties while sitting on top of a sub-woofer.

Oh yeah. It’s that time of the year again, where free breakcore release just drop from the sky as if flying pigs would crap all over the place. Actually, there isn’t really a season like that so I guess it’s just a bit of a coincidence that there’s a ton of free breakcore releases popping up around the internet. Here’s the sweet selection I came across:

  • United Elements of Hate are up to release 4 from Partikal Katastr called Needles to Say. It’s a shorty as it only contains 4 tracks but it”s a goody to add to your breakcore collection!
  • More breakcore goodness from the Belgian Sickboy Milkplus on Cock Rock Disco known for it’s awesome releases. Well, if you didn’t know you know now. Remember that. Awesome. Inspired by tons of crap Tween vids he produced Tweencore and gives it away on the internet. I told you it was awesome.
  • Then there’s the Filthcast sessions from Barcode recordings I came across which turn out to be filled with sets from the harder kind of drum’n’bass DJ’s such as DJ Hidden, Counterstrike, Current Value and many more. Good for hours of snare pounding drum’n’bass tracks roaming closely near the borders of breakcore country, while venturing over here and there. Well yeah, it’s not 100% breakcore I guess but it’s pretty damn close anyway.

Photo by SuicideGirls, cc-licensed.

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