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the belgian limitless internet charade continues

So Belgacom announced to be the first to start offering a limitless, flat rate internet account. Yay! Turns out it’s also the most expensive format they have. Yay? Telenet of course soon had to follow with it’s own limitless formula, which also turns out to be the most expensive on they have as well.  Euhm. Ok, at least they are also boosting the cheaper formats which means that everyone will be enjoying a more luxurious bandwidth soon.

Well, at least it’s getting a bit better now and perhaps next year we’ll be seeing the cheaper accounts being sold at flat rates as well and the two duopolists will start competing each other on prices. Just maybe.

Funny they both came out with the same idea so close together. With fully prepared add campaigns and all. I wonder how long they had those lying on the shelves already.

Picture by Rob Sheridan, cc-licensed.

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