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get a free dj set and save the black swan

I usually don’t do this but I’m going to go ahead into some easy-peasy copy-pasting blog posting shizzle (via UEH). Judging from the names on the track list this set just has to be kick-ass, even without listening to it myself. I just hope it’s not a Rick-roll hoax oslt. Anyway, check it out and support the Black Swan!

The Black Swan – Bristol’s 1 and only underground music venue has been closed due to new licensing laws and we’re here to oppose it! Joining Anakissed and Parasite in the studio is special guest Svengali from Mongrel who is part of the campaign to stop the Swan from closing it’s doors for good. We drop a selection of live sets from artists who played at Toxic Dancehall to give you all a taster of the variety of music you’d be likely to hear at the Swan. We also tell you how you can do your bit to save the now legendary venue.

Track listing for the set:

  1. Shitmat – Live @ Toxic Dancehall 3 (24/01/03)
  2. End.user – Fear (Hymen)
  3. The Bug – Live @ Toxic Dancehall 3 (24/01/03)
  4. Bong-Ra – Gideon War (Hydrophonic)
  5. Grinderman – Go Tell The Women (Anti-)
  6. Himuro Yoshiteru – Hopeless Monsters (Tangram Disc)
  7. Broken Note – Crux (Ad Noiseam)
  8. Aaron Spectre – Live @ Toxic Dancehall 9 (11/06/05)
  9. Krumble – Time To Burn (Death$ucker)

Go get it at Goatlab!

Photo by aussiegall, cc-licensed.

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