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themeless free breakcore album from

Themeless v2 album cover

I’ve seen the compilations before but never got around to checking them out. You know how that goes, life, pr0n and twitter just keep you away from what really matters sometimes. But this time I could really do with some new and fresh tunes, so I downloaded their forth compilation already and gave it a spin. Guess what? It fucking rocks! Yeah, that’s right. I’m not saying all the tunes are awesome, but they are pretty damn good at least. Production quality is great and at 320kbps everything sounds as it should. I just love free releases that offer full quality.

Now if the term breakcore scares you off  a bit because you expect it to be stuffed with only the harshest of noise and gabber kicks you shouldn’t be afraid. Those kind of tracks are on their as well of course, but there’s plenty of other sweetness there too. If you like the harder types of jungle and raggacore you’re going to find a few gems on this free album. Think ragga vocals and heavy cut-up amen bizznizz (Check MDH). Not into that? You want serious and cool sounding drum’n’bass to pump your street cred a bit? Well there’s some of that too. With a tune like “Putting Back the Cock in Drum’n’Bass” you can’t go wrong now, can you? In fact the first 3 tracks are pretty much straight up drums ‘n fucking bass. Wicked. How about some glitchy Intelligent Dance Music because you want your brain to dance? No problem. There’s also some tunes that contain some internet memes, marijuana references, samples that come with your Microsoft Windows installation, funny samples, illegal samples and funny illegal samples. Oh, and harsh noise and gabber kicks of course. It’s breakcore after all. Ha!
You can get the whole thing for free at

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OK OK I’ll download the set and will give it a listen!

And while I am writing this comment I want to thank you for the all the neat and cool stuff you have found for me in past!

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