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nova: dubstep, punk or both?

Nova performing live

There’re two reasons why I’m posting about this band called Nova. The first is that it’s because they bring a blend of dubstep and punk, and dubstep is something I like. Second is because they addressed me as a human and not some free promotion tool. Yes indeed, bloggers are human too!

But what are they like then? Well, they call the genre punkstep and by “they” I’m not sure who that is. Who invents these names anyway? But as I said the base for the music is the ever-so-hip dubstep. You get the slower beats, the heavy subs and the wobbly bass-lines. Awesome. On top of that you get some guitars thrown in for free plus some punk-like vocals and attitude. If you are into the pure and uncut material this bastard child of punk and dubstep is probably not going to be your thing. If you like things mashed up however, this might be your cup of tea after all.

Judging from the videos posted on their MySpace page these guys are especially in their element on live gigs, so if you dig the tunes see if you can catch them live. The parties look like a blast.

Here’s some free tracks Nova is so kind to share as promo material for your downloading pleasure:

Or you can check the downloads on MySpace.

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