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parasite's woody dubstep and breakcore mix

The Breakcore Gives Me Wood flag on the Chinese wall.

The guys and girls from Breakcore Gives Me Wood are infamous for their awesomely wicked breakcore parties they throw in our little Belgian country. For their 7th anniversary they threw another one which featured the artist Parasite from the UK among others. To promote the party they also put a promo mix online for free download.

Since we like that kind of stuff, I thought it would be neat to link to it here as well.

The mix itself isn’t as breakcory as you might expect even though it starts of with a nice Droon reference. Expect some kick ass and hard dubstep tracks for starters. Followed by some of the harder drum’n’bass tracks around, and of course some good breakcore jungle-ragga-amen-choppage and mash-up business. Good stuff, as usual. Enjoy and check out a Wood party if you can. You won’t regret it.

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