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drum’n’bass mixes from subfilter

It’s about time for a good dose of drum’n’bass don’t you think? One of the DJ’s that been spinning for a long time now on my favourite online drum’n’bass radio station is Subfilter and he has recently started using Soundcloud as his medium to share recorded his Jungletrain live sets. Why do I like his sets? Well, he’s skilled, knows how to mix and has an excellent taste in tune selection. He has a taste fo the more beat-driven, drumfunk tunes and that’s exactly what I like. He isn’t afraid of dropping the odd tune now and then either. The sets on Soundcloud may not contain any tunes from Aphex Twin or Squarpusher for example, but he’s been known to drop them in the mix now and then and got away with it just fine. Stuff we dig for sure, so go ahead and indulge in these free mixes, downloadable in mp3 format:

October 18th 2009 mix

October 11th 2009 mix

September 13th 2009 mix

Keep an eye on that Soundcloud page if you dig his sets. I’m sure there’s more goodness to come.

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