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soundcloud is where the cool cats are at

Since some of you seem to be digging the free samples posts I’ve been putting up maybe this one will be right up your alley as well. There’s a bunch of music-sharing websites out there by now, or simply sites that allow in one way or the other to put your music up there in a play-list like Myspace. A newcomer on the internet block is Soundcloud however and it’s picking up like a twister. All the cool kids are on it I see. Chaps like Moby and A Guy Called Gerald for example and this guy. Or collaborative stuff like Tara Bush’s free mp3 Mondays.

Soundcloud feels a bit like the Flickr of music. It’s slick, works smooth and allows you to share your tracks with the world, create or join groups, comment and get commented on, you know the drill,  the whole social web 2.0 deal. Cool thing is that it also gives you a neat graphical view of the tracks you’re playing, allows for super-easy embedding in your own website with the same graphical splendour. If you want to comment on that awesome second drop in a track, that’s possible. Just click the second where it starts and enter your comment. “OMGWTF” for example. The author will appreciate it.

Looking for a easy way to share and host music, or just feel like browsing through an already impressive collection of free music by genre? Soundcloud is the place to be it seems.

Photo by polas, cc-licensed.

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