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dour 2009

Yep. Been to the Dour festival again after a number of years and it turned out to rock just as hard as before. Instead of the long post I had been typing up earlier I’m gonna distile it down to a few points to sum up that sunday I spent there:

  • Peeing is free for all now at Dour. Some people still feel they should do their business against the walls but still, free peeing is great and keeps the mess to a minimum. Yay!
  • The food is good at Dour. Plenty of choice although those pizza’s where insanely expensive for festival standards. Didn’t get me one of those of course! Rip-off!
  • Bob Log III should not have ditched his great stage-act with the beer-titties and the girls on his knees. It made it so much more fun to watch. Now it’s just a one man blues band which bores after a few songs really.
  • De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig known how to party. These Dutch guys make me think of the Beastie Boys when it comes to their fun-making attitude on stage and music. Good fun.
  • Soldout is something I never heard of before but they are Belgian and rock with electro sounds. Why haven’t I heard this on the radio yet Studio Brussel?
  • Aphex Twin didn’t deliver IMHO. I came to get some Aphex acid but instead I got some mediocre techno set with some weird surround glitch effects. The last bit was good but that’s because it was Come To Daddy and almost the only of his own tracks he played. A pity. The visuals where quite good though, but I wanted more snare rushes and machines going all crazy and stuff.
  • Venetian Snares did deliver though. Got plenty of snare rushes, glitch, retrigger and hardcode gabber madness there. The whole place was jumping up and down during his set and he didn’t even have visuals. This is how I like my breakcore/idm/techno live sets. With lots of balls. Some guy was sleeping next to the PA setup on the floor though. How wasted must he have been? I wonder what kind of fucked up dreams he must’ve had with a VSnares soundtrack on them.
  • From a geek’s point of view this is the festival which integrates the most with cyberspace. Twitter, flickr, facebook, tags they have it all on the website. Nice.
  • It was fun. See you again next year!
    Well, if the programming is awesome again of course.

Photo by Kmeron, cc-licensed.

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