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free music you could have spotted if you where on twitter

  1. A breakcore release from CAPSLOCK on a new Dutch netlabel. A long time ago another free CAPSLOCK release got pimped here as well, and this one is equally filled with distorted fast beats and eerie industrial sounds. Sweetness.
  2. A set mixed by Drop The Lime distributed together with a magazine but DTL was so free as to drop the secret code in a tweet so tweeps all over the place can download this banging techno-dubstep-garage-whatever-bass-heavy mix for free. It’s awesome. Go get it.
  3. Free Music Monday from Tara Bush which features all sorts of free stuff which I haven’t really checked out but it looks cool and the idea is sweet and I needed at least one more item to post in here right? Check it out if you like music… which is free!
  4. More free breakcore with the Ninja Columbo ZoMbFree releases with stuff from the Teknoist and Michael J Rocks. Well, I’m not sure who that Michael is either but I’ve heard of the Teknoist before, and hey, the releases don’t suck! Free breakcore people! What more do you want?
  5. And there’s still the hashtags of course if you really really want to get a quick fix of dubstep, breakcore, idm, drum’n’bass, or music in general to download… check it. It’s where all the cool folks are at these days. Fo shizzle!

Photo by monodot, cc-licensed.

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