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breakcore from the snares

With a new and smashingly acidic album out Venetian Snares is crossing the world to drop his trademark snipped beats and crazy patterns all over the world in various venues and locations. If you haven’t heard his latest Filth by now and are curious to find out what he cooked up this time the following DJ set is a pretty damn good start to find out as the first tracks are from the album. As usual he also drops tunes from most other albums giving you a good idea of what a live set by this lad sounds like. Except that it’s like a thousand times louder of course, unless you have a huge soundsystem at your disposal.

He’s coming to Dour this summer, together with Aphex Twin. Yep. Sounds like one hell of a party.

So come and get it, Venetian Snares Live @ STRP Eindhoven, 04-04-2009. Via core through ueh.

Photo by re-Verse, cc-licensed

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