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It’s turning out a breakcore week as I saw jaap3’s tweet about the new Adnoiseam spring 2009 compilation album that has been put up for free download! I usually got these CD’s as I ordered something from the label, but it’s great to see they are putting these online for everyone to download to get a flavour of what their releases sound like.

I know I’ve bought stuff after hearing some excellent tracks on the sampler CD’s so it works if you’re willing to spend a buck to compensate the artists anyway.  Just to drop some names you might have heard of before to stimulate you even more in checking this out there’s stuff in there from Cardopusher, Larvae, The Teknoist, Cdatakill, Cakebuilder, Broken Note (awesome track btw) and many more!

The download is only in bandwidth friendly 64kbps quality but can also be purchased in full high quality for a mere 5 euro. Hey, they have to make a living right? But it’s good enough to get an idea of what you can expect from a full release so it’s definitely worth the download imo, so check it out!

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