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depths of hell dubstep mix

More dubstep I found in my inbox! Sweet! This time it’s from Scotty aka KiD-A who feels the that Scottish dubstep scene isn’t quite at it’s peak yet, and wants to stimulate the whole process by creating some dubstep mixes and putting them online. Nothing wrong with that is it?
That’s bloody right and the 50 minute long mix is quite nice actually. Some of the big names from the scene, with some lesser known (as far as I know anyway), and then some drum’n’bass to top it off. Nice.

You can download the mix in mp3 format right here from zShare, so make sure you get it now cause it’s not going to be available there forever.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Archaic – iTAL tEk
  2. Nude (Unknown dubstep remix) – Radiohead
  3. Foller (Zan Lyons remix) – Various Production
  4. Blind Fury – N-Type
  5. Mud V.I.P. (feat Sgt. Pokes) – Loefah
  6. Qawwali (VIP mix) – Pinch
  7. Bushido – The Others
  8. Big Headed Slags – Caspa
  9. Epileptic (Martyn’s No Strobe Mix) – Shut Up And Dance
  10. Prototype – Headhunter
  11. Girder – Appleblim vs Shackleton
  12. Univerals Wan-Ting – Darqwan
  13. End of Line (feat. Search and Destroy) – Vex’d
  14. Angels – Vex’d
  15. Hydra – Spor

Photo by LD PIX, cc-licensed

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