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belly is the new booty

I have this one sitting in my draft for too long now without posting it, but that’s probably because I don’t have that much to say about it, and I don’t like just posting a link in here. But since this is actually a video, and it will fill up the post I’m going for it anyway. Talk about the easy way out.

So why this video? Well first of all it features a guy rapping on glitchy IDM-ish beats, which I dig. The video itself of course is a bigger reason since it’s all computer generated (yes, geek stuff fits nicely in this blog) and it has full frontal nudity, and some awesome dance routines (from the naked dude again)! Too bad it’s a dude however, so don’t get your hopes up too much. The dude does have a huge belly which makes it sort of funny in a disturbing kind of way, and it’s also a bit of a tongue in cheek reference to all the video’s featuring black girls shaking their big booties in front of the camera to yet another lame RNB tune.

So none of that crap in this video! Enjoy the phatness from Landjugend called “Tween my lips”.

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