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some fellas with a winter dubstep mix

The Fellas Winter album cover

You know what’s cool? When you get stuff to post delivered right in your mailbox, so you don’t even have to go out there on the World Wide Web and look for it. What’s even cooler? Getting an email that actually contains some info on who is sending it and not just a bunch of links. You see, with those links I have to go out there again, and check it out.

So this week I got this dubstep/grime mix delivered in my inbox from a Spanish collective calling themselves The Fellas. Some links, some info, and a pretty good mix or fresh dubstep and grime tunes. Some of their own productions on there as well of course, and quite some commercial-dubstep-remix tunes in there but overall nicely balanced with tunes from big names in the scene. Too bad they host it on zShare because that means it’ll only be up there for a few months before it gets auto-deleted.
So get it while it’s fresh people!

  1. theFellas – Intro
  2. Little Boots – Meddle (Joker Remix)
  3. Glitch Mob – Heat up the night
  4. Rihanna & Jaybird – Disturbia & Trance Desert (theFellas MashUP)
  5. Ramadanman – Response
  6. theFellas – Dub12
  7. Slack – Elephant Step
  8. Zomby – Strange Fruit
  9. Reso – Spooky
  10. Gofresh – Bipolar
  11. Cluekid – Weed Smokers
  12. Wiley – My Mistakes (Gofresh Remix)
  13. Komonazmuk – Miss Her
  14. Distance  – V
  15. Noisia – Diplodocus (theFellas Remix)
  16. Lil´Wayne &  Nero – Lollipop & Nighthunder  (theFellas MashUP)
  17. Caspa – Marmite
  18. Lady Gaga & 12th Planet & Emu – Pokerface & Control (Skreamix) (theFellas MashUP)
  19. Jakes – Modem
  20. Kid Sister – Pro Nails  (Rusko Remix)
  21. Chase & Status – Against all odds (Instrumental dubstep remix)
  22. Dizzee Rascal – Stand up tall (Gofresh remix)
  23. Goth-Trad – Smoking water
  24. Nero – End of the world
  25. Chase & Status – Eastern Jam
  26. Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (Chase & Status remix)

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