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Peace Off C64 mix album cover

Peace Off released a second free mix yesterday  called Delayed Reaction containing all the hippest and cool breakcore tracks, commercial song remixes, drum’n’bass bangers and even hard rock snippets in-between the harsh amen breaks and gabber beats. All this ear-splitting yummieness is mixed into a single 123-minute long mix by DJ C64, in his typical style.

So go fetch the zipfile (including cover art pictured to your right) ASAP because I don’t know how long this baby will be available for download.

Enjoy your free breakcore fix!
Here’s what it features:

01. Teknoist – Unheard Voices (version 1 dubplate)
02. Enduser – Switch (Ad Noiseam)
03. DevNull – Shards of Rhythm (Dross:tik)
04. HellFish – Rip The Cut (Deathchant)
05. Electromeca – Competition (Death$ucker)
06. Electric Kettle When Kettle Meets Meca (Electromeca Rmx) (Peace Off)
07. Kovert – untitled (Sonic Belligeranza)
08. Istari Lasterfahrer – Teach Dem (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
09. Parallel – Til The Day Falls (Bee)
10. B-Key – Outcry (Outbreak)
11. Nine Inch Nails – Physical (Nothing)
12. Amit – Swastika (Commercial Suicide)
13. Xanopticon – 4 Hit Points (Atomhead Secret Level Rem (Atom rmx) (Thac0)
14. Timberland – The Way I Are (Interscope)
15. Electromeca – Brutal Funk (Deathsucker)
16. The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Techno Gate Mix) (Wax Trax / KLF Communications)
17. Ricky Force – Headz (unreleased)
18. Parallel – Attack of the Mutant Sheep (Bee)
19. MonsterX – Mc Eater (Mutant Sniper)
20. Cardopusher – Plastic People (Wood)
21. Davros – Invasion Of The Pescatons (Noizetek)
22. Devnull – Big Boring Bass (Deathsucker / CockRockDisco)
23. Gorf – Throwthatlastbitdowninthere (unreleased)
24. Public Enemy – Hazy Shade Of Criminal (Def Jam)
25. Rotator – Owley Ole Junkyard Remix (Sickboy original) (Kamikaze Club)
26. Droon – Fuck The Underground (Zero71)
27. Venetian Snares – Sporto Fucking Sellout Cocksuckerfa (Sublight)
28. DuranDuranDuran – Throat Yogurt (Mutant Sniper)
29. FFF – Coming Hardcore (Zero71)
30. Rotator – Untouchables (Peace Off)
31. Doshy – Ditchkiller (unreleased)
32. Scheme Boy – Section 20 (Dolphin’s Glad To See The Back Of It Remix) (Ninja Columbo)
33. Xanopticon – Lockjaw (Zhark)
34. Ween – The Golden Eel (Mushroom / Elektra)
35. Mirra – Happy 22 (unreleased)
36. Ministry – So What (Sire)
37 Burial – Archangel (Hyperdub)
38. Breakage – Untitled (Bassbin)
39. Soulfly – Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix) (Roadrunner)
40. Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy (Epic)
41. Maladroit – Amen Motherfucker (Hong Kong Violence)
42. Acrnym – Sexx Pimp (Death$ucker)
43. Society Suckers – The End (Suburban Trash)

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