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Samstag Abend Bad Comfort album cover

Even though drum’n’bass and breakcore are the absolute shizzle, some events call for music a tad less hyperactive and adrenaline pumping. A while ago I came across this release on the Phonocake netlabel which is excellent for when you feel like chilling to some non-boring electronic music.

I’m saying electronic because you can’t just slap a single label on Bad Comfort’s Samstag Abend album. If I’d have to slap anything on it, I’d go for the labels IDM, ambient, breakbeat/trip-hop and dubstep. Check out the remix of Sonntags Allein by Christian Bj√∂rklund if you want that dubstep track. It’s great.

Nevertheless, I’d say download the whole lot, because it’s not only absolutely free, but also good quality music. Available for download in mp3, Oog and FLAC format, which clearly shows these guys know what they are doing. You also get some art to go with it, which I personally think is wicked for digital releases. I’d like to see that on commercial digital download services as well. It’s always fun to flick through album art, even if it’s “just” a bunch of jpegs.

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