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wicked drum'n'bass set from subfilter

How about setting this new year off with some splendid drum’n’bass mixage? Well, if you’re into the more break-oriented drum’n’bass, you’ll certainly dig this set from Subfilter which was broadcasted live from on the 28th of december, last year.

It starts of nice and easy, to end up with some of the best tunes released over the last few years, and containing some of the best bangers of 2008 of course.
Expect some stuff from Amit, Technical Itch, Evol Intent, Paradox, Stranjah and many more all poured into 185 minutes of music in mp3 format.

If you find this mix suited for your personal taste you can download more of his DJ mixes, or even better, tune in live on when he’s streaming live.

Enjoy, and have a great 2009!

Photo by Photographer padawan, cc-licensed

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