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Since dubstep is something I blog about at periodic intervals here, and I came across the free Anechoic Chamber album I thought I’d check it out, and give it a spin. Turns out the release isn’t really the kind of dubstep that I personally find the fucking shit, but it’s pretty good anyway. It lacks rawness and the rougher, more underground style sound I dig, but it does contain 20 tracks which I guess could be catalogued as dubstep, dub-techno or IDM according to their own info PDF in the download.

The thing is, dubstep is a hip name these days, and whenever a track is electronic, has some dub influences and has a rather slow tempo is labelled as dubstep. Trip-hop had the same fad going on years ago, and breakcore is also suffering from this same hip-labelling frenzy. But basically it all comes down to the music, and whether you like it or not. So if you dig a portion of ambient-eske, slow, dubby, instrumental tracks, this download might be right up you alley. If not, you only wasted some bandwidth on it, and you can always use it as a chill background track to have sex to. There are worse things in life than that.

So go get your 221MB of free tunes at the Echodub site, artwork and info included.

  1. Absense – Good Love
  2. Kwality – Doug Wilson
  3. Vishnu – David Makes Triangles
  4. Indigo – Golden Proportion
  5. Furesshu – The Leopard
  6. Sines – Beneath Me
  7. DFRNT – Surface
  8. Foiledtorsos – The Specialist
  9. Furesshu – Tel Aviv
  10. HxdB – Silent Q
  11. Indigo – Matter
  12. Solar Constant – Northern Divide
  13. king slaFF – Sacrifice
  14. Sines – Test Four
  15. Akema – Cold Hearted
  16. king slaFF – Within
  17. Substep Infrabass – The Entity
  18. Tangka – Salamander
  19. Foiledtorsos – Ultra Analog Dub
  20. DFRNT – Quite Simply

Photo by LD PIX, cc-licensed

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