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I liked to sets from R-Type‘s before, containing some hardcore and breakcore goodness. This time however, it’s something completely different. This is more of a grime and dubstep set, although there are so much different tunes in there that labeling it is hard. But that is a good thing in my book.

It contains some of the great names of dubstep, and some names I don’t know because I don’t know the tracks at all. Still, I’m always up for fresh sounds, and this qualifies as that. There’s that completely awesome “I Luv U” tune from Dizzee Rascal in there as well, which is worth the download alone IMO. R-Type (pluging again, so he gets some more hits pointing to his myspace in Google , and less of that arcade game) also mixes in some drum’n’bass tracks at very low speeds. In fact, I sped the mp3 up at some points, cause I felt it was a bit too slow at times. Then again, I usually like my beats at hyperspeed, but thanks to modern mp3 technology, anyone can adjust the pace at your own preference. Gotta love that!

So check it out, it’s called Cashing In even though it’s for free, and it’s about 87 MB of grimey goodness.

Photo by LD PIX, cc-licensed

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