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I was going to keep this thing a little secret, though it isn’t a secret really, but the lads over at the Musicmania record store in Ghent are open every Thursday, Friday and Saterday and are selling some new and second hand CD’s and vinyl stocks. If you are a collector, vinyl junky or you want to pick up some older albums that you didn’t want to pay full price for when they where just released, now is your chance.

The selection changes every week or so as new stuff comes in and the shelves are replenished. So it’s worth dropping in now and then and browse the collection to see if there’s anything fresh you like in there. I noticed a nice collection of drum’n’bass vinyl albums and some dubstep last Saterday in the racks. I got myself a Dizzee Rascal CD there for only 6 euro, and it rocks. There’s still some proper techno and other dance oriented albums in teh CD collections as well, all around that same price.

Cheap plastic is full of awesome!

Photo by wok, cc-licensed

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