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detrimentalist blows my mindhole

I haven’t been checking out a lot of new and fresh dj sets lately because not so long ago I got myself a fresh load of plastic containing some of the latest Venetian Snares mixes and I’ve been mainly enjoying those over the last weeks.

Snares is one of my breakcore favourites, and his latest Detrimentalist album is definitely another one that goes on my mindhole-blowing-sweet-ass-record list. If you are familiar with his stuff, I’d say this one is closest to Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006, because of the amount of jungle and drum’n’bass influences. It contains more breakbeats than you can shake a tracker at, and the use of those typical ragga vocal style samples to give it an oldskool jungle without sounding oldskool. Nothing too serious though. As usual you can expect the funny sampleĀ  now and then, which he pulls of nicely without making it all too damn silly anyway.

Funk manages to restyle jungle on this one with his ultrasnipped rhythms, which have been perfected since the Higgens etc album. It bloody rocks, and if you’re into heavily drum oriented jungle and breakcore this album is one for the wish list for sure. In fact, drum’n’bass DJ’s should also give this one a listen, maybe at a slightly lower pitch, because I’m sure some of these tracks would fit perfectly in the more rougher breakage set, or into a slightly more ballsy DJ’s set who isn’t afraid to experiment with the odd record.

A damn fine album if you ask me.

Photo by Sarah Sitkin, cc-licensed

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