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a free apocalyptic online comic in a drowned london

I can’t remember which blog tipped me off on this one, but I started reading the freely published online ¬†Freakangels comic book online and I got hooked pretty soon.

If you like futuristic, well drawn, apocalyptic story lines containing freaks with extreme psychic powers, this comic is something right up your alley. A new episode is published on the blog for free every Friday, and they are up to 29 so far and counting.

To put it short, it plays in a drowned London city after something destroyed the world as we know it. I like apocalyptic stuff because it opens up huge possibilities for the story, and the fact that it doesn’t take place in the USA for a change is refreshing already. The graphics are excellent, and the characters compelling, so I’m looking forward to the appearance of a new episode weekly for sure.

So start reading at episode 0001, or the promo pics to see if this is something for you. Enjoy!

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