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fracture4 hardcore drum'n'bass mixes

Another lad I posted mixes from a long time ago is Fracture4. This guy is known for his grinding industrial hardcore sets and productions, which you can check out on his myspace page.
For 2008 however, he put some kick-ass drum’n’bass sets on his website for you to download for no charge at all.

One set is from Januari this year, and the other from May so they are still quite fresh. Both contain the hardest plates being produced lately in the drum’n’bass universe. You’ll probably recognise some stuff by the Evol Intent crew, Spor and many more excellent darkstep tracks (or whatever they call that subgenre anyway).

Are you ready for one hour and a half of splintered breaks and jawbreaking beats?
Get leeching then!

Photo by cinocino, cc-licensed

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