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It’s been a tad slow on the musical front here hasn’t it? The last post that contained some linkable noise is the 60×60 Buzz compilation one , which is awesome btw, and has been downloaded over a thousand times! So did you get that one? You should, cause I said it rocks.

Anyway, more music is what I crave. So I started surfing around to some sites from people that have not disappointing in the past. One of the guys I’ve been digging sets off a lot is the Dutch Bong-Ra breakcore DJ and producer. On his website he has some free sets and tunes up, and among those is a new DJ set called Ra Is For Rave.

You might have guessed this one, but it contains a lot of wicked oldskool rave tracks. You know, Out of Space, Charlie style The Prodigy tracks and more fun stuff like it. A good, hyper mix for the fast break craving folks. So if that’s up your alley, or you feel like tuning into something different and brush up that oldskool knowledge, go get it.

Photo by wok, cc-licensed

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