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the telecom brawl is on

cc-licensed photo by brian boulos

Finally! It has begun. Competition is finally starting to play for the bigger Belgian telecom co’s to drop those lame-ass bandwith limitations. At least they are juicing them up significantly so we can start YouTubing our ass off without having to worry about ending up stuck with ancient modem speeds at the end of the month, or having to pay extra euros to avoid this. This is like a bikini mud wrestling match for geeks oslt. Go go go!

The first one to enter the ring in a yellow bikini is Telenet (my provider, yay!) who plans to upgrade their volumes in August, increasing mine from 12 GB to 20 for instance. Not unlimited yet, even though some of the smaller ones are doing this already and applying a so called fair-use policy instead. The other big bad teleco named Belgacom (in a blue bikini) initially said they where not going to do a simular thing. Ha! There is no demand from our customer base for such an upgrade they claimed. Yeah right. Read the forums ffs.

Now however, they changed their mind and are going to increase their volume to a whopping 25 GB. Well, it’s not that whopping, but it’s more than Telenet’s, which is nice. Viva competition! The next move is up to Telenet I guess.

There’s still time to go to 30 guys. Go for it!

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