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the photo that broke a camera
cc-licensed photo by monodot

The Panacea doesn’t really play weak sets now does he. Weak is simply not in his dictionary. So you can expect a lot of hardcore, neuro-, darkstepping, agressive drum’n’bass on this one. Kick ass!

Psychofreud is a viking who I ran into on a drum’n’bass mailinglist long, long ago. He was into producing and playing ragga-style jungle/drum’n’bass back then, and it turns out he’s still doing that. In fact, he did this 10 year anniversary mix to celebrate, and you can fetch it for free off the internet.
Feel like getting a good dose of ragga vocalists spiced with beats around 180 BPM and lots of heavy basslines? Awesome! Then this is right up your alley.

So that’s it for now. Stay tunes for more free, and tasty beats.

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