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free online racing mania

A pink racing car ready to roarI like free games. If you hate them however, you might want to stop reading right here. If you hate racing games, or online games, this might also be where you should stop reading. Cause this is all about a free online racing game called TrackMania Nations. Well, you can play it off-line as well, and it’s still fun to play on your own really, but it’s more fun online.

So how does that work? Well it’s pretty simple really. At first, I thought it was a bit lame. You see, it’s not about toasting your opponents with rocket launchers or shredding them up with a chainsaw. It’s about reaching the finish line in that formula 1 car or yours the first. That’s it. Pure racing. Racing on tracks that make you jump through hoops. Literally. Huge jumps btw. Over fifty feet gaps and water and stuff. And there are loopings and big walls to crash into. No ramming each other, no crashes. All about racing skillz.

The game modes are simple, but once you get into them they can be quite addictive. For instance in one mode the goal is to drive a single lap, and whoever does it the fastest wins. Really addictive stuff. This one is a lot of fun to play off-line as well with multiple players. Geek party anyone?

The graphics are pretty damn good too, and it runs smoothly on my now older machine, which is sweet. Oh yeah, and it’s completely free, so it you hate it after trying it out, you only wasted some bandwidth on it.

So go ahead and see how high you  get in the local or international rankings with your pink car with big dots and stars on it. Well, you can paint your car if you want. I painted one like that, seriously. Doesn’t even look half bad too.