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Competition can be a beautiful thing can’t it? Not so long ago the big banks in Belgium where giving you jack for your savings. Then one Dutch bank entered the Belgian market as a pure internet bank and started giving out free savings accounts that give you 4 percent, no strings attached.
I mean 4 percent base interest, not just for the first six months, or some other accountant style calculations to make you think you get 4 percent, while you’re really only getting half.

Others banks are seeing this trick is working pretty well now, and they are starting to offer saving accounts at similar rates. But most of them still do have some strings attached. So if you’re looking for a bank that gives you your moneys worth, you live in Belgium, and you don’t feel like having to dig through the small print to figure out if you really are getting that full percentage at the end of the year?
Well, check out in that case. Fo shizzle!

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