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Mantronix Megamix Waveform
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Wicked cool vocal samples. If you’re into producing electronic music you’ve probably been scavenging the net for some of these before. Movie samples are excellent for this. Not only because the big producers are doing it all the time, but heck, it sounds so much cooler when Samuel L. Jackson reads that bible passage instead of your local pastor.
If you pitch bend, distort and screw enough with the sample, it might even become unrecognisable. Hell, you can change genders by pitching up or down! Stuff like that might clear your ass in case your tune becomes a massive seller and tops the charts globally, which is always interesting. Remember that techno tune with the Jane Fonda workout samples? Not enough distortion there I tell you!

But maybe you don’t want to distort? Maybe you want to use the sample as is, and still avoid a lawsuit? Well heck, there are solutions even for that thanks to the wonders of the interweb. Right now there are sites where you can download oldskool movies free of royalties. Great for some of that martial arts style sampling, or tacky horror movie one-liners. Sweetness!
So get your public domain movie samples at the following sites:

  • has plenty of audio sources under the liberal Creative Commons license, or the Pubic Domain. Lots of recordings, interviews, poetry, music and all sorts of stuff in there.
    Also check out their free movie archive for more sizzling obscureness.
  • The Free Sound Project, is some sort of open source audio SourceForge. People upload samples under CC licenses that you can freely use, as long as you honour the set license (usually attribution is all it takes). Everything is nicely categorised and searchable, which makes that sample hunt a lot easier for sure.
  • Don’t feel like using yet another Matrix sample? How about going through some obscure horror or sci-fi movies downloaded from Public Domain Movies and get that funny sample nobody has ever heard before. Also a good source for some Kung-Fu style sampling. It’s been done I know, but it’s so much fun innit?

Update: also check out this post for more free sample resources.

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