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bluepulp mix: downtempo goodness

Music = Love
Photo by marimoon, cc-licensed

Time for some more music to sooth the soul then. Instead of the crazy ass beats I dished up last time, it’s time for the more mellow and relaxed sounds this time. But nothing lame though, it’s full of electronic eclectic goodness sound deep and dubby at times, or raw and glitchy a tad further. In fact, besides being downtempo there it’s hard to describe this mix as genre-wise it’s all over the place. This can only be a good thing I guess, so here it is for free off the interwebz, w00t, bluepulp’s latest mix, named “various various”.

Sounds you’ll hear after downloading and opening with your favourite media player or mp3 enabled device:

artist – track or release title or cat. number – label
1- wasteland – amen fire – transparent rec.
2- crunch – the laurel ep – colony production
3- justice – wack mc (inst,) – hydrogen dukebox
3- once11 – versus the pyramid – the agriculture
4- mickey hart – umayeyo ( richie hawtin slakked plastik remix) – 360 prod.
5- smith / ludow – risin’ with the doctor – fat cat rec
6- wasteland – amen fire – transparent rec.
7- christopher brus – hi014 – hobby industries
8- mono box – trade (villalobos rmx) – logistic rec.
9- cronomad – ??? – alien transistor
10- mono box – trade (villalobos rmx) – logistic rec.
11- john tomas – talking machine dbx & cabanne remix – logistic
12- smglyssna – departures ep – vertical form
13- ben milstein – outside 007 – outside recordings
14- tim xavier – jack of spades – pacific technics

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