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the infection is spreading

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I’m writing this post because I want to warn you about a virus that is slowly but surely infecting people’s brain. In the last months I’ve been seen this creep up all over the place, infecting all sorts of people around me.

Do you think it’s normal that for some reason people from all over are starting to use the same behaviour for all kinds of things? When writing emails for instance, or for printed pamphlets or leaflets. I’ve seen it happen in PowerPoint presentations by respected members of society, and even complete web sites!

At first I thought it was pure coincidence, but I’m beyond that now.
It’s even worse than that. I suspect one of the biggest IT companies in the world is behind this all. Perhaps this is a first and successful mind control experiment of it’s users. Chances are big that even you, yes YOU, have been already exposed to this malicious virus one way or another, as they currently controlling about 80% of the web browser market, just to give you a hint.

It manifests itself as a harmless trait, but it certainly isn’t. You can be sure someone is affected if for some odd reason that person starts using the “Comic Sans MS” font. Why would anyone in his right mind use this silly looking unprofessional typeface you ask? And a right thing to wonder it is indeed! There are surely better fonts to choose from when you want to use something which stands out of the standard Arial, Verdana or Helvetica right? It’s the first significantly different one if you scroll down the alphabetically sorted list, so maybe that’s it? Why not Bodoni then? That’s before Comic, but you hardly see that one being used do you.

No, it’s quite clear that this font’s typeface has some sort of viral quality that makes people want to use it over and over again, like a crack addict, and thus expose colleagues and bystanders to it as well, spreading the malicious infection even further.

It’s time to take action and avoid infection my dear reader. So navigate over to that font folder using your Windows Control panel and erase those cursed files from your hard drive for ever. If you’ve been using it already perhaps your mind is still strong enough to withstand it’s lure and change the fonts to a better one right now. Don’t hold it off, tomorrow might be too late!

I wish you good luck in your fight against the Comic Sans Zombiefication.
We’ll need it.

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DO NOT click that link folks.

High risk of contamination after the jump, unless you’re running a Linux box. :)

DO NOT click that link folks.

High risk of contamination after the jump, unless you’re running a Linux box. :)

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