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fast reds by pbo31
fast reds by pbo31, cc-licensed

One of the things that’s starting to seriously grow beyond any reason in that little country called Belgium is the radar speed control. Using the ever-so abused excuse of wanted to guard public safety the Belgian government has now allowed automated speed control radars installed all over the country, and particularly in the Flanders area.

Belgium has the same amount of the damn things than the whole of France, and even more than Holland. For the US folks, both countries are way bigger than that pesky little Belgium I’m living in. Last year it turned out the the local cops where getting so much income from speeding tickets that they didn’t even know how to spend all that cash.

Some of them ended up blowing it on new and very expensive cars… for more radar speed-controls. They could have used this money to maintain our notoriously bad road network. Something that would truly benefit public safety.

So now that they are coming up with even more treacherous means of catching people when they drive faster than the ridiculous speeds they are enforcing on some roads, it’s time to try and do something about it. Sign the petition Touring Assistance started if you’re fed up with this crap as much as I am. If we don’t let ourselves be heard now, they’ll continue to milk us like cows without our roads becoming any safer.

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