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“painted master” by Darwin Bell,

Security is something you should know a few things about as an application programmer. In fact, if there is one thing you should know is that you don’t know jack about security, or at least not much.
When it comes to down to figuring out your own security scheme there is one thing you should do: Don’t.

Use some else’s, and don’t build your own.

If you dont’ believe me, and hell why should you, take it from someone who can tell. A security expert blogging about rainbox tables and general password security (via). Now that’s a post you should definitely read if you have anything to do with a system which stores a password. Recommended reading for sure. Bookmark the article, read it twice, forward copies to your co-workers, print it out and put it on the wall over your bed.

Well, maybe not that last bit, but do the other ones anyway. Spread the word.
Make more secure apps. We’ll all dig it.

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