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blocking flash ads in firefox

Photo by bastet, cc-licensed

It happened to me twice today. At first I thought Firefox had crashed because it wasn’t responding to my mouse clicks. It turned out that one of those annoying flash ads was playing somewhere in an area out of my visual range that I was forced to click before I could use the bloody page! I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to those annoying banners and flash ads, but when they start forcing me to interact with that dumb-ass banner every time the bloody page refreshes… they are pissing me off.

So I looked around and found out about the excellent Flashblock Firefox plugin. So from now on I’ll be blocking every one of those stupid ads. How about that. I bet that’s not what you thought of with that stupid folding O2 campaign. Oh, and yeah, you can add a few exceptions to the whitelist if you want, so that your favourite flash game sites or better, stuff like Flickr aren’t affected by it.


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