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60×60 subvert central compilation

Cover of the 60x60 album from Subvert CentralHow about some music to start the weekend? Sounds nice doesn’t it, and it does, trust me.
The guys up at the left field jungle/drum’n’bass forum Subvert Central started a so-called 60×60 music compilation amongst the forum members and have now come up with the final result.

60×60 stands for 60 second tracks from 60 people, resulting in one hour of electronic and quite experimental music.

Complete with good-looking artwork, released under a Creative Commons license and free to download at high 320kbps or FLAC downloads. I mean seriously, if that doesn’t get a music geek excited anymore, what the hell does?

A Real Doll with a built-in wireless internet radio receiver maybe… hmmm… but the mix will do for now.

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