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So I come across these breakcore mixes from a Belgian lad name dustrickx and hell, they turn out to be just my kind of thing really. Hard pounding chopped up break madness that can be easily categorized as the genre that lends nicely for everything that isn’t strictly jungle, drum’n’bass or hardcore: the infamous breakcore.

Breakcore mix number one in tasty mp3 format contains the following finger licking good tracks in a good 40 minutes:

01. reel time – mine [FC]
02. FFF – never say never to always [KPR]
03. venetian snares – skelletchairs [ADDICT]
04. i:gor – kickin’ beats [PM]
05. traffic – confine [epileptik]
06. rotator – fight back [POFF]
07. electric kettle – zook terretory expanded [POFF]
08. supply module – disrespect any cop [zero71]
09. FFF – empty the clip [IV]
10. i:gor – so manny years [Strike]
11. knifehanchop – get yourself ready [d$]
12. x&trick – comphusion [sub]
13. ceephax – the gold zone [BK]
14. al core – protoxyde [NRTX]
15. xylocaine – styling [BF]
16. matt green – the last amen [Epileptik]

If this is making you itch for more of the same noise to terrorise your eardrums with, well for crying out loud why the hell not, here’s mix number two with 55MB of more of this broken breaky goodness:

01. Cdatakill -meth head trance
02. Jack Klang -stop the wto
03. i:gor – plexidrumms
04. doormouse – toxic jungle
05. r.a.w. – storm
06. doormouse – technikal institute
07. FFF – soundwaves are reversing
08. hellfish – magical digital
09. electric kettle – hoopin’ hollerin’
10. unibomber – 2 weak
11. hellfish – ultraviolence
12. i:gor – haters wanna war
13. raw state – cut the record
14. micron – its like that
15. rotator – trash ‘n ready
16. rotten – zero tolerance


(Picture “Sing it Back” by ArtWerk)

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I actually blogged about those as well. :)
Too bad they are offline now though. If you have any new mixes up, feel free to let me know.

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