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why catchall isn't such a good idea after all

21708 messages in the spam folder is a lotI wrote before on how I used the so-called catch-all feature of the mail server to be able to use instant email addresses when subscribing to all kinds of stuff on the interweb right?

Well it turns out that this is a sweet idea as long as some lame-ass piece of spamming cunt doesn’t start using your domain in his random email generation script.

As soon as that happens you start getting huge amounts of error and anti-spam messages that bounce off email servers all over the net as the spammers mails hit unexisting addresses, or servers running some sort of email validation software.

So if you are using this catch-all, make sure that there is some way you can make the difference between the email sent to an address you are actually using, and the ones spammers have been so kind to invent for you. That way you can easily filter them and dump everything sent from fake addresses into a separate folder without having it clutter your inbox.

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