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Said the spider to the FlyNo not huge hairy spiders crawling on your face at night, or mutating radioactive zombies (although those would be rather scary), but more real life stuff.

The possibility of a Christian reverent becoming president of the US of A. FTW! As if it wasn’t bad enough already with the currently inspired by Christianity-when-it-suited-his-cause Bush Jr.

Creationism anyone? No thanks, but that twat will probably think it’s better to believe that instead of the daunting idea we all come from monkeys. Monkeys ffs. Warthogs would be worse IMHO. Monkeys are funny at least. Looks like McCain is in the lead for the Republicans so we might be in the clear, but still, I remember the last twat getting elected when we (the Europeans) thought it would never happen (again). Let Super Tuesday bring us hope!

Or how about Yahoo! being taken over by Micro$oft. Childs down my geeky spine that sends hmmm! I understand that the Empire wants to compete with Google and all, but it’s going to be the Dark side against the Google side I guess when it comes to that. Is Google not evil just because they claim so? I’m not sure, but they have shown far less evil streaks than the folks from Redmond have.

I sorta like(d) Yahoo. They have a lot of good services, and for a lot of those duplicates exist by M$, so my guess is a lot of those will be terminated at some point. Yahoo! chat vs MSN, 360° vs MSN spaces, Yahoo!Mail vs Hotmail… take your pick. Microsoft is also very good at pushing their own shit through the Windows operating system. From default internet searche pages, chat clients, media players to desktop search software. As a big monopolist they always try to pull this kind of stuff off, and the internet is their next goal to try and do the same. This can only be bad news to all of us. I think I’ll wait before I get that Flickr pro account I was thinking off, and see how this thing turns out.

(“Said the spider to the fly” image by Thomas Hawk, some rights reserved)

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