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Blurry streetlights at night by meFunny, but the weekend seems to be the ideal time for spam bombardments. I’m getting hit by a ton of bounce emails from fake spam mails sent using my domain. This is a smart trick from the spammers of course, since they don’t give a toss about any possible replies, and even less about any of the mails that bounce off the servers because the recipients have long killed their address.

It surprises me a bit that so many servers don’t seem to be able to recognize the most blatant spam messages about getting bigger schlongs. Seriously that’s the word I’m seeing used frequently. Schlongs.

No wonder that spam is accounted for 90% or so of the internet traffic these days, and I’m not sure if bouncing mail due to it is also caught into this equation. I hope so. Damn.
It just shows how flawed the concept of email is nowadays. It simply wasn’t meant to be used like this I guess.

So who will invent the new email? It’s about time dammit.

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