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pwned by a grrrlWhile the spam keeps pooring in by the shitloads, how about some fight music to get that feeling of frustration out of our system?

Sounds like a good idea to me, so here’s something that was dumped in my inbox recently by a lad named EvoL full of breakcore, hardcore drum’n’bass and other music that a lot of people would just refer to as being noise. Fuck that, cause it’s great. Tell em I said so.

Get “EvoL esta Muerto” while it’s still available, and enjoy!
Here’s what’s in it.

Doormouse- Borat
RAM- Get Your Break On
Tieum & Ophidian- Touch It
Deathmachine- Confusioned
Intensik- Turystycznazz
Distorted Minds- No Test
Tieum & Hellfish- You Want to Stop Us?
I:gor- Happy Mechanical Unit
Robyn Chaos & B-Key- The Suffering
Raw State- Rock That
I:gor- We’re Gonna Do It Like This
Doormouse- Side B Act 6 (untitled on Xylophone Jism as the Ridiculator)

(picture by Sagrado Corazón, some rights reserved)

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