spam bam thank you mam

air mail by 'smilApparently I’m caught in what seems to be the receiving end of a spammers attempt to use my domain name as the vessel for creating random email addresses for his bulk of the day.

I keep getting replies from mail servers all over the interwebs telling me emails either got refused or that the recipient address simply doesn’t exist. I get those in my mailbox because I’m using a catchall forward for any mail that gets sent to my domain as an admin.

The problem with email, known to anyone with a bit of knowledge of the protocol, is that this kind of (harmless) domain hijack is something that any fool with the right tool can do, being it a simple mail client.

So if you ended up getting a lot of email from people with oddly looking user names from my domain, well… I’ll have to quote Bart Simpson and tell you it wasn’t me.

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