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Sound Check by citronsmurfI was aching for some new dubstep sounds lately, so I fired up the browser and took a peek at what was posted at which has a nice dubstep forum right there as a lot of those Belgian dnb headz are heavy into the fresh dubstep sound.

Fo shizzle! Just felt like adding that after that mc-ish intro. Anyway, I came across this dj set by a lad named BunZero, downloaded it, and guess what. I kinda liked it. Lot’s of fresh tracks unknown to me, so it’s good to get to know some new names in dubstep scene. Easy!

Lot’s of unreleased tracks in there by guys names Grimelock (seen that name before somewhere), Dz, Goldfinger and Quark. Heck I don’t know who those guys are either, but their beats are cool so who cares right. If you feel like dropping the knowledge on those producers, I’m always willing to learn.

In the meanwhile, check out the track-listing at BunZer0’s blog or get the mp3 right here if that’s to much for you.

The guy uses a digit in his name. I like him already.

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