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mapping online storage as a local drive

Harddrive picture by \in`somĀ“ni`ous\Online file storage systems usually have the drawback that you have to install a proprietary piece of software on your PC before you can start uploading and downloading files easily. Recently however I came across and it turned out to be ass-kicking. The reason why I tried it in the first place, even though it doesn’t over that much space (only 100 mb) is that is claims work as a native disk for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Now that’s the kind of talk geeks like to hear! It even gets better. I tried this thing out, and besides actually working as promised, it even works through firewalls (like at work), which makes it really super-handy-dandy!

On Windows there’s nothing more to it than mapping your online storage as a new network drive, and using a local drive letter to access it. Hell, you can even use the net use command to map your drive, which means you can map or unmap it from batch scripts to do automated backups etc. Since the drive works like a native USB stick you hooked up to your system, you can access all your files easily through the explorer, using all your favourite software or even from the command line, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Well, you might be able to guess since it’s going to be a tad slower than your local drives of course. You are connecting over teh interweb remember.

You can read how to map the drives for any OS on their site, and mapping it using the net use command to an X-drive goes like this:

net use x: /user:yourname yourpassword


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