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Koss The Plug photo by Pål BergeRecently I got myself a new pair of earplugs to listen to some phat tunage at work. I use them there for two reasons. First of all I love listening to music, duh. At work we have no radio on, and that’s a good thing too because I usually don’t like the crap that’s on commercial radio anyway, so I have to bring my own sounds. Secondly because earplugs at work are great to block out ambient office noise so I can focus on my coding. Ambient office noise. Now that’s a nice way of saying your colleagues are noisy buggers isn’t it?

I got these super-cheap-ass ones before, and I got what I paid for. Some tunes sounded so bad on these that it made listening to drum’n’bass just listening to drums sometimes, which ain’t cool, cause they added the bass for a damn good reason. I looked around a bit and decided to give these KOSS earplugs a shot I read about somewhere on an interweb forum.

And hell, they rock.

This KOSS “The PLUG” thing really plugs into your ear. That sounds a bit funny, but what I mean is that they have these little foam cones that actually go into your ear securing a tight fit. Now, putting these things into your ear feels weird at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Once in there the sound quality is phenomenally better than the looser ones that sit in your ear shell, simply because it seals off your ear cavity. Sound can only go inwards that way, and all sounds coming from the outside (the office) are blocked off. It blocks off sounds so good that sometimes I’m not even hearing my phone ring. Mental note: I still have to find a fix for that. But you can really hear the subs again with this one. Awesome!

The new plugs costed about 20 euros, which is about 10 times as much as the cheap ones did. Yes, they where super-cheap, but also super-shitty, which proves again that for electronics equipment you usually get exactly what you pay for. The Plug isn’t going to be the best one out there, but for that price, it’s pretty good IMO.

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I agree with you. Cheap ear plugs doesnot block the ambient office noise and also it creates the additional problems by buying the cheap ear plugs.your blog gives us a good example.

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