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Franci plays maze by Nico CavallottoTik vzw (a Belgian telecom and internet customer representation organisation) are organising a “Day of the Download” (Dag van de download) on 30th of December. The whole idea is to get a ton of Belgian internet users to download tons of (legal) files, and prove that those bandwidth limits are way to small if you feel like going for a Paris Hilton movie day on YouTube. Yes, she does have a lot of cellphone nudy movies out these days doesn’t she. Anyway, being totally against those silly-ass data limits Telenet and Belgacom are forcing on their users, I loved the idea like a crack whore loves her rock.

I won’t be downloading too much that day though, because I’m already using my own tips by now, so I don’t run into my limit before it gets reset by the end of next week. I don’t expect to make it really. No Paris vids for me sir.

So if you’re Belgian, and haven’t heard of this before it’s about time you get your surfing ass over there and sign up for that rather original way to deal with this backward issue.

Download away I say. Show them that we can run into those limits, without even having to try hard. I know I don’t have to. Damn.
Oh, and there is better stuff to be found on YouTube in case you’re wondering.

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