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moving servers

Yup. After the latest hickups and glitches and the fact that hosting on a Linux machine is considerably cheaper at my hosting co than doing the same thing on Windows I’m moving this blog over to a brand new spanking Linux machine in the following days.

I’m hoping I’ll manage to set up things smoothly, but working in the IT biz makes me expect a few bumps here and there anyway. I think I’ve ran into the first today, as I noticed my WP database doesn’t seem to be up to date for some odd reason, causing issues with the new setup as I couldn’t login any more with my admin account.

I’ll post again here after the move, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that post pop up automatically in your rss readers. If it takes too long, maybe check back here the oldskool way, by pointing your web browser to this very address.

See you soon, same place, same URL.

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